Civil partnerships

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The Civil Partnership Bill of 2005 gives partners in same-sex relationships the opportunity to have their relationship recognised in law.

After registration, couples have the same rights as a married couple in areas such as tax, social security, inheritance and workplace benefits.

There is no legal requirement for a ceremony as part of the formation of a civil partnership however we understand that many couples wish to have a celebration.

In 2013 the law changed allowing same sex couples to have a legal marriage. If you would like to have a marriage ceremony, go to getting married in Coventry.

It's your choice -  whether you wish to sign your schedule in the presence of just two witnesses, or if you want to have your own ceremony. A civil partnership may be registered at one of our ceremony rooms within Cheylesmore Manor House or at an approved venue.

There is no extra charge if your ceremony is held in a statutory Register Office Room, but there is an extra cost if you want to use the Black Prince Room, The Queen Isabella Room or Library for your ceremony.

If you would prefer a bespoke ceremony where you can choose your own vows, readings, music etc. and would like to be escorted into the room by someone of your choice please see bespoke ceremonies.

Important information about your notice of intention

Both you and your partner are required to give separate notices of marriage/civil partnership and you will need to give notice at least 28 days before your ceremony. The earliest you can give notice is 12 months prior to the date of the marriage. Before you book a ceremony please read this notice of civil partnership information.