Save the Date Service

To book a ceremony up to two years in advance you can choose to use our Save the Date service. The cost of this service will be £50:00 and will also include 20 free save the date cards. (please note this is not a deposit and will not be deducted from the final balance of your ceremony).

Payments will be as outlined below:

12-24 months - Save the date fee £50:00

12 months - Deposit required (see below)

3 months before ceremony - Final balance due

if you do not wish to use our save the date service you will need to wait until 12 months prior to the ceremony.  If the booking is more than four months in advance a deposit will be required (see below) or the full balance to be paid.

(please note this deposit will be deducted from the final balance of your ceremony).

 If you are booking a wedding you will not receive an email containing confirmation of the ceremony until notice of intention to marry has taken place.

If you choose to book a ceremony between 4-12 months and pay a deposit there will be a charge of:

This is to be paid at the time of booking and the remaining cost of your ceremony will need to be paid no later than three months before the date of your ceremony. 

You will need a debit or credit card to make your booking request.