Commitment ceremonies - your questions answered

Here is a list of questions we are frequently asked by couples approaching their special day. If you would like to discuss your ceremony with the ceremony co-ordinator please book an appointment.

Can I choose my own words?

Yes you can book an appointment with the ceremony co-ordinator who will go through your options to enhance your ceremony.

Can same sex couples have commitment ceremony?


Can we change our names after a commitment ceremony?

Yes, However, as this is a non statutory ceremony you will not have a legal certificate to do this. Names can be changed by change of name deed.

Can we have ceremony stationery?

Yes stationery is available for your ceremony and can be ordered through the ceremony co-ordinator.

Do we need witnesses?

Witnesses are not legally required but there is the option to have witnesses sign a commemorative certificate at the end of the ceremony.

Is it legal?

No, rather than being a legally binding ceremony it is simply a public affirmation of a couple's commitment to one another.

What is a commitment ceremony?

Commitment ceremonies are a very distinctive way of promising each other to share your life together and a way of celebrating with your family and friends. They are a way of publicly declaring your commitment to each other and the next step of a journey that will continue your happy life together.